ESP32 UWB Indoor Positioning Test

1. Overview

1.1 Introduce

1.2 About UWB

1.3 UWB Ranging

1.3.1 Single-sided Two-way Ranging

1.3.2 Double-sided Two-way Ranging

2. Indoor Positioning with ESP32 UWB

2.1 View

2.2 Plane orientation algorithm

3. Equipment List

4. Code Explain

4.1 Library

4.2 Device_Anchor

#define ANCHOR_ADD "83:17:5B:D5:A9:9A:E2:9C"// modify the address when multiple anchors, such as 83/82.
DW1000Ranging.startAsAnchor(ANCHOR_ADD, DW1000.MODE_LONGDATA_RANGE_LOWPOWER, false);

4.3 Device_Tag

4.4 Python Code

5. Test



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